Streamlining Insurance Operations

Stuck in your workflow?

Insurance carriers and brokers – entangled by their various business processes and the great variety of standard solutions – come to us when they feel stuck in modernizing their workflows. Their unique requirements – and need for flexibility – demand insurance companies to look beyond the standard and start building solutions of their own. 

The ultimate goal: streamlining insurance operations to gain an advantage out of self-service insurance and knowledge work.

Prepare for AI and next-gen tech

The insurance industry witnesses a rush in the integration of AI and next-gen technologies. The continuous growth of artificial intelligence is reshaping the insurance landscape, enabling more accurate risk assessment and personalized policies. Low-code platforms have a crucial role in facilitating the development of robust insurance platforms, ensuring readiness for emerging technologies and quick adaptation to market changes.

Self-service and cross-industry integration

Self-service options are becoming increasingly essential to both insurers and policyholders. Insurers benefit from a lower workload, while policyholders get faster results. Self-service insurance drives the need for seamless digital experiences. Collaboration between all parties in the ecosystem is key to streamlining processes and leveraging external data sources.

Shift from production work to knowledge work

The industry heavily depends on manual labor due to the high amount of production work. Process automation is key for streamlining operations, reducing manual tasks, and improving efficiency across various functions. The new generation of talent emphasizes the shift to knowledge work. Work needs to be more meaningful, enabling talented people to gain expertise and translate customer and market insights into new products and business models.

How we apply the ‘shift’

Quotation & Onboarding

Standardize and smoothen the process from business development to onboarding your customers through KYC

Underwriting & Claims

Reduce errors and process cycle times by automating workflows

Case & Workflow Management

Increase compliance and user experience by managing all cases in a standardized workflow system

Discover how to streamline your operations

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