Transforming insurance claims with 4SURE: Increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction

The power of automation and Low-code technology for the insurance industry

In today’s tech-driven era, the insurance industry is undergoing a significant transformation, thanks to the integration of advanced automation systems. Leading the way in this revolution is 4SURE, a groundbreaking software developed by Acumen and LINKIT. This innovative solution empowers insurance companies to automate the underwriting and claims processing, ultimately enhancing efficiency and control.

In this article, Bob van Heijster (Mendix Squad Lead at LINKIT) and Paul Veerkamp (Managing Partner of Acumen) talk about the 4SURE product, its complexity, what LINKIT’s role is in this and what results have emerged from the further development of the product.

Solving insurance-related problems

The insurance industry is known for its complex and repetitive processes. Insurance companies and their agents often face many claims that must be manually checked, assessed and processed. It is a time-consuming process that can lead to delays, human errors and inconsistent outcomes – resulting in dissatisfied customers.

4SURE offers a solution by integrating advanced automation technologies that eliminate repetitive tasks and minimize human intervention. It not only results in faster processing of claims but also results in consistent and more accurate handling. Paul: “We automate the ‘routine work’ so that knowledge work remains.”

“We automate the ‘routine work’ so that knowledge work remains.” – Paul Veerkamp, Managing Partner of Acumen”

The power of Mendix

Behind the success of 4SURE is an experienced LINKIT team led by Bob van Heijster. The team is committed to building and further developing the software on the low-code platform Mendix. Bob: “We have been supporting large organizations for years with building innovative IT solutions using low-code.

“We have been supporting large organizations for years with building innovative IT solutions using low-code”

He continues: “LINKIT has in-depth technical knowledge of low-code – and in this case, Mendix – which quickly created a powerful business application that fits well with the basic structure already in place, making adjustments easy to implement. In addition, the flexible, underlying architecture makes it possible to connect new customers without any problems because the decision rules are not hard-wired into every insurer.”

Another reason to develop with Mendix is the continuously changing legislation and regulations in the insurance industry, says Paul. “More and more stringent requirements are being imposed on insurers to prevent fraudulent actions. These are enormous challenges for companies, with processes often taking weeks or months to complete. Mendix offers the opportunity to model these changes in the rules so that we overcome the complexity and speed of the legal aspect in the insurance world.”

Complementary partnership

By working closely together, Acumen and LINKIT have ensured that the platform seamlessly meets the needs and expectations of users. Bob explains: “It is a complementary partnership: Acumen has all the substantive, functional knowledge of the insurance market, while LINKIT has the technical know-how in (complex) automation processes. By bundling this knowledge, we strengthen each other.”

This also has a positive influence on the users, says Paul. “It is clear to our customers who they should contact if they have questions. Technical questions are asked to LINKIT, while functional questions are sent to us. In this way, we deliver added value without unnecessary disks, and we can respond in a customer-oriented and adequate manner. In addition, we listen carefully to the feedback from our customers so that we continuously improve and optimize the 4SURE application.”

“The 4SURE application is continuously improved and optimized through regular consultation, feedback rounds and joint decision-making.”

Results of further development

This method of further development produces visible results. For example, customer satisfaction with affiliated insurers has increased, claims are processed faster, and the administrative burden has decreased. But these successes do not mean the product’s end is over. Bob: “We build the application as generically as possible. In this way, we ensure broader, faster product deployment and a growing customer base.” The standard processes have already been overcome by building generically, and the focus is on customization.

“We build the application as generically as possible. In this way, we provide a broader perspective e, faster product deployment and a growing customer base.” 

Paul adds, “4SURE must remain a customer-friendly application for customers and insurers and their authorized representatives. Its development is, therefore, a non-stop cycle because wishes and requirements keep changing.

Stronger together as a joint venture.

The desire to further expand the product has now taken on concrete forms. Due to the increasing demand for the 4SURE application, a joint venture has now been established between Acumen and LINKIT. Both companies retain their independence but work in a strong composition on further application development. “We have noticed that we can launch the software much more broadly than just in one specific sector,” says Paul. “We have developed a roadmap in which we have determined how we can approach new markets and domains, such as industry, logistics and state pension.”

Bob is also enthusiastic. “This joint venture offers LINKIT and Acumen the opportunity to market 4SURE even more widely under one flag. Acumen remains responsible regarding functional content, while the technical aspect lies with LINKIT. It is a new version of the current collaboration, where we are broadly oriented towards the market and can tap into new sectors.”

“This joint venture offers LINKIT and Acumen the opportunity to market 4SURE even more widely under one flag.”

Therefore, the future of 4SURE is promising, with the dynamic collaboration between Acumen and LINKIT demonstrating how new technologies can positively influence an industry. Paul: “Together, we have created an innovative product (4SURE, ed.), which serves as an example for the industry and soon beyond.”


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