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Hey there future explorer! Did you not find the role you are looking for, or could you bring an expertise that is not listed on the other jobs? We either don’t have have any fitting roles for you now but they will open up in the near future, or we aren’t in your field of expertise.

Are you and experienced OutSystems developer, fresh graduate ready to dive into the world of low-code or in general interested to start a career in OutSystems or Mendix? Then please apply to this open vacancy and we will get in touch with you!


Sienna Sonnenberg

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At LINKITSYSTEMS, we prioritize self-development in any way. Whether it is by facilitating knowledge sharing sessions during our bi-weekly Club Days, attending events & training, an unlimited budget and 10% of your time free to upgrade your skills or fun activities to prioritize your well-being. You will work in a professional, accessible, fun and innovative environment in which you can further develop your technical and soft skills in a short amount of time.  

As a knowledge-driven organization, it is our mission to facilitate unlimited possibilities to evolve, excel and inspire in your field. Our squad structure ensures that our colleagues are optimally facilitated in their personal development. Through a squad-specific knowledge matrix, a personal development trajectory, knowledge sharing and dedicated time to assist in self-development. We firmly believe in this investment as it sets a strong foundation to enable you to reach your full potential. This is the core of why we do what we do. Still following? Let’s explore more!

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