MOVE IT OutSystems Data Mover

Simplify and streamline your data migration processes

What is the MOVE IT Data Mover?

MOVE IT is an OutSystems migration tool developed by LINKIT to simplify and automate the data migration process.

When you’re using OutSystems as a low-code platform, data migration can be time-consuming and complex. The result: slowing down the development & QA process. For example, as a development team, you want to migrate production data to the test environment to identify bugs. To migrate, you need to move test batches manually. But this process takes a lot of time and may include not all the data you want.

MOVE IT makes the life of a development team easier by facilitating data migration. With an easy-to-use tooling, intuitive interface, and lean AO usage you level up your OutSystems platform and increase development efficiency.

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MOVE IT simplifies your QA process with these use cases

Fix issues proactively

Moving test batches from production- to test environment can be time consuming. MOVE IT enables you to automate migration in order to spot unidentified issues faster and accurate.

Migrating complex data

Due to diverse formats and structures, migrating data to other environments can be complex. To simplify this process, MOVE IT helps you to migrate on an accurate and secure way.

Secure backup & data deletion

You want to ensure secure backups and data deletion to comply with policies. Executing these processes can be time-consuming and error-prone. MOVE IT enables you to export and delete data easily.

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