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Mendix traineeship
It’s been a few months since the Mendix Traineeship started at LINKIT in Utrecht. Five excited trainees came through our doors, ready to embark on their journey as LINKIT explorers. The first eight weeks of their traineeship consisted of an intensive bootcamp mainly planned and led by our Mendix Squad lead, Bob van Heijster (31). Now, a few months after the program’s start, we asked Bob to answer questions about his experience and share his thoughts.

What was the hardest in preparing for the bootcamp?

“The hardest was creating the content and ensuring you keep it as simple as possible. However, I am enthusiastic about Mendix and want to learn as much as possible from you. Still, it is important to stick to the core and build your knowledge from there.”

What surprised you most during the bootcamp?

“The pace with which people picked it up. The willingness to help each other when something was not working for somebody else, but it was for you. The drive of the trainees is willing to understand and solve the even more complex challenges.”

What did you learn after leading the bootcamp?

“The bootcamp for me also confirmed some of my suspicions on what you see new Mendix developers struggle with when you first start with Mendix. It also made me reflect on how best to tell the Mendix story to new people. To start from scratch is a new challenge, which I also learned during the bootcamp.”

Are you happy with the current results of the trainees now?

“I am very happy with the growth of the trainees and how they are proving themselves on their current projects. They all learned a lot during the short bootcamp and are now ready to start learning on a guided project. In these projects, they already show that they were ready and capable of adding value to the customer’s projects.”

What advice would you give to future trainees?

“This is best asked of the trainees themselves. Then, they can give the best advice on what to expect and prepare for. For me, it is important that they feel comfortable, and if they do not understand anything, then ask. You are a trainee to learn, so there is nothing wrong with asking questions.” Mendix traineeship The Mendix Traineeship program at LINKIT in Utrecht (The Netherlands) is still going strong and is a real hit! Despite coming from diverse backgrounds, all the trainees have one thing in common: they have a strong desire to learn and help each other out during the bootcamp. This supportive atmosphere has allowed them to learn quickly and progress rapidly in their projects. The trainees are already making valuable contributions to customers’ projects, and their growth has made Bob very happy. The bootcamp has been an educational, exciting, and multifaceted experience for the trainees. As a result, they feel confident and eager to continue learning. Due to the success of the Dutch bootcamp, it was decided to launch another one in Johannesburg, where our South African team was expected to be a great asset. But that’s not all. If you’re feeling inspired and ready to take your career to the next level, see our page about being an explorer at LINKITSYSTEMS. About being an explorer


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